COMM 600

Academic Writing for Graduate Students

The development of the writing and critical-thinking skills needed for effective academic writing. Skills addressed include applying accurate grammar and punctuation; using critical thinking to summarize and evaluate texts; developing well-organized, well-supported and clear arguments; integrating sources into writing and formatting academic papers using APA guidelines; and revising writing to produce a clear, concise style appropriate to audience, context, and purpose. (c) UMUC 2012

Coursework refines scholarly research and academic writing skills with a strong focus on critical thinking, planning, appropriate use of sources and the edit process. The academic writing development was presented step-wise in order to master individual required elements of high quality academic writing.  

Click on links within the description to view each individual project.

  • Project 1 - Write an Abstract of an article for prospective research on approved topic of interest following guidelines of instructional module.
  • Project 2 - Complete an Annotated Bibliography of one of the articles selected for research topic.
  • Project 3 - Once appropriate articles are selected for research, a Table of Research Findings is completed summarizing different aspects of the articles. 
  • Project 4 - The primary  focus of the course was to develop, step by step, an in depth Literature Review demonstrating advanced writing and critical thinking skills.'
  • Project 5 - Prior to final submission of the Literature Review above, peer review was completed. Likewise, for this assignment a Peer Review was completed for a classmate highlighting both positive aspects as well as opportunities for improvement.    
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