EDTC 650

Teaching and Learning  in K-12 Virtual Schools

Exploration of global perspectives on advancing K–12An introduction to K-12 distance education, including the policies and structures of K-12 virtual schools, teaching and course development strategies appropriate for K-12 online courses, and current issues involved in the K-12 virtual enterprise. Emphasis will be on K-12 schools that offer courses over the Internet; also included will be disucssion of principles that apply to other forms of K-12 distance education, such as television and correspondence courses.  Topics include different models of current K-12 virtual schools; district, state and national regulations governing these schools; role of parental involvement and student support systems; social and collaborative aspects of learning at a distance; and training and mentoring of online K-12 teachers. Trends in international K-12 schools will be compared with those in the United States. The effectiveness of virtual schools and courses at the elementary and secondary school level will be explored. (c) UMUC 2012. 

Course involved the study of existing K-12 distance education examples, development of online instruction as well as development and presentation of recommendations for implementing virtual school instruction.

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