EDTC 610

Web-Based Teaching and Learning: Design and Pedagogy

An examination of the theory that informs technology-enabled and Web-based education, with special attention to best pedagogical practices. Unique challenges related to original design and/or adaptation of Web courses are explored. Knowledge and skills in creating individual assignments, special classes, units and entire courses that take full advantage of synchronous, asynchronous and/or multimedia technology are developed. Emphasis is on creation of age-, content- and context-appropriate exercises for students in a diverse array of classroom situations. Criteria and specific evaluation tools are developed to assess student learning outcomes with different pedagogical approaches, delivery techniques, core content areas and technologies. Current and emerging technology- enabled curricular innovations are also examined. (c) UMUC 2010

This course focused on emerging technologies, specifically, web based activity structures.  Our discussions and reflections were based on the information we gained both in our text and online, with a culminating collaborative group project where we demonstrated an activity structure focusing on covering specific chosen standards of learning. 

Click on links within the description to view each individual project.

  • Final Collaborative Internet-based Activity Structure Project **Note: some links may be broken within the project. Since it was a collaborative project, the host for individual contributions may no longer exist or expired documents had to be deleted to preserve space on the server . 
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