EDTC 645

Integration of Technology: Global Perspectives

Exploration of global perspectives on advancing K–12 student learning through technology. Investigation covers how schools design innovative units and programs that take full advantage of technology’s ability to reach beyond national borders and promote global understanding and how various nations approach the challenge of technology integration in the schools. Focus is on evaluating best practices in the United States and other nations and on analyzing the role of policy in shaping the way resources are deployed to advance effective technology integration. Projects include designing models for integrating global understanding into curriculum and instruction, developing case studies of technology integration in various countries and evaluating relevant research. (c) UMUC 2010

This course gave participants an opportunity to develop a more global perspective of technology integration in the classroom. The structure of the course was step-wise where we first investigated other Global Tools, and then developed our own Internet based technology module. 

The final project was a partner oriented project where we contacted actual educators on an International level for input and recommendations on instructional technology.  Unlike other groups,who chose model countries, my partner and I chose India, a third world country which struggles to bring technology to all.  Though India has many challenges, we learned a great deal about model programs implemented in India to overcome these challenges.   

Click on links within the description to view each individual project.

  • Project 1 - Research and recommend a particular Global Network Tool
  • Project 2 - Create an Internet Based, Global Instruction Module
  • Project 3 - An individual assignment to research one aspect of the final project and synthesize finding.  I chose the element of Curriculum Analysis.
  • Project 4 - My partner and I developed and justify a series of Interview Questions to send to education experts in India to be used as part of our final project. 
  • Project 5 - Following analysis of our respective responsibilities and expert interview questions regarding technology in India, we presented a final culmination of the knowledge gained in an Interview Questions Report.
  • Project 6 - This final project was developed to serve as a Proposal and Recommendation regarding implementation of technology in India based on our findings.  I was able to incorporate all of the elements of my coursework into the recommendation, which elicted the following response from my professor:
    • "Tracy, I think combining your projects was brilliant and the wiki, surveys, links and modules are fabulous to the extent that you have developed them. I see this as a work still in progress but has tremendous prospects for use in your math classroom. . . .Excellent concept and job. I sincerely hope you develop it more and use it - I can see this as a global network at some point :-) " Tamara Blesh
  • Project 7 - A final reflection, which incorporated elements of the initial reflection and to which extent sentiments about global perspectives on technology may have changed.
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