EDTC 605

Teaching Information and Media Literacies in the Digital World

A study of the use and evaluation of a wide array of electronic information resources, including numerous subject-specific databases and educational resources on the World Wide Web. A portfolio of electronic references is developed for use in curriculum design. Age- and content appropriate exercises and assignments are created to help build K–12 student information literacy skills. Emphasis is on information resources in the field of education and in specific content areas to assist in future curriculum development and research activities. Criteria to evaluate the usefulness and validity of different types of education resources are developed and critically assessed. (c) UMUC 2010

 A variety of specific guidelines for appropriate use of data were presented and demonstrated.  Evaluation of online resources and articles was made following accepted industry guidelines.  These evaluations were completed both individually and in small groups.  Discussion of valid data and trustworthy research through the use of scholarly articles was a focus throughout the course. 

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