EDTC 640

Leading Technology Change in Schools

An overview of the theories, approaches and strategies that help teachers assume leadership roles in implementing technology change in K–12 schools. Specific topics include the role of change agents in K–12 schools, strategies to meet the needs of technologically unskilled teachers, tools and techniques to respond to diverse competency levels, and various training models and approaches for adult learners. Structured observation is employed to critically assess the effectiveness of various technology training formats. In a guided project, a technology-training seminar is designed, developed and implemented for delivery to colleagues. (c) UMUC 2010

A variety of new technology tools were introduced and demonstrated to investigate the purpose of creating dialogue between School Boards and Technology Professionals.  A School Board Proposal was developed, and a culminating web based project was an actual 1 week training module.  This project also included a demonstration of the various technology tools introduced through the course. 

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