EDTC 620

Technology in K-12 Education: Synchronous, Asynchronous and Multimedia Technologies

A foundation in educational technologies designed to enable K–12 teachers to employ appropriate technologies in classrooms and schools. The capacity of a variety of technologies to meet specific content, delivery, and learner goals and objectives is critically assessed. Particular attention is paid to Web site construction. Knowledge and skills are developed in the application of real-time technologies such as satellite broadcasting, audio conferencing, videoconferencing, synchronous chats, streaming audio and video, and asynchronous technologies such as e-mail and list servers. (c) UMUC 2010

This course was "legend" among classmates regarding the dreaded 20 page website! There were numerous practice exercises preceding building a website from scratch. A variety of individual projects were created to demonstrate newly developed web design skills, and each project was included in either the webpage or a final, culminating portfolio page.   

Click on links within the description to view each individual project.

  • Project 1 - Classroom WebSite was designed from scratch in Dreamweaver(c) 
  • Project 2 - Final Portfolio was created from the variety of practice projects completed throughout the course. (My professor recommended this project to a new teacher leading the course as a "model project" and I granted permission for its use in future classes).
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