EDTC 625

Hardware and Software in Instructional Development

A study of the application of hardware and software programs in K–12 classroom settings. Various operating systems commonly found in schools are examined. Also investigated are a wide range of instructional software packages related to specific subjects, with a cross-disciplinary emphasis on software for reading instruction and remediation. Discussion covers compatibility with curricular goals, appropriateness of use and student learning outcomes. Assignments include a project in which a specific software program is integrated into the classroom, experiences of students with the software are assessed and the effectiveness of the software in achieving teaching goals and objectives is evaluated. (c) UMUC 2010

An in depth investigation of both hardware and software in the classroom was made in this course.  One assignment required the design of a computer lab, and a collaborative project analyzed classroom management techniques specific to a computer lab.  A final project evaluated software for use in a computer lab.

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